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Why Muddy Socks?

Why Muddy Socks?

Muddy socks are symbolic of the best of days and the worst of days. Muddy socks can be a hard earned badge following a great and memorable adventure, or they can be a source of major discomfort. Have you ever tried to spend a night out with cold, damp socks on? Have you ever taken them off in your sleeping bag and curled up wth them hoping desperately to dry them next to your skin overnight? Or tried to run with them, as you feel the grit sandpapering your feet into a bloody pulp?

When I was sponsred briefly by a sock company I occasionaly threw out socks that got so muddy I deemed them unsalvageable, the ultimate in opulance. To others, a pair of muddy socks may be what keeps them warm and possibly alive through a cold night out on the streets.

In most circumstances they would make for a horrible Christmas gift, unless there was a great backstory behind them.

As with most things in life, it comes down to context. Aside from thinking it was a cool, if not whimsical, name, I also thought it could be somewhat representative of the breadth of many of life experiences which would give me the flexibility to take these entries wherever I felt fit.

Pic by John Price on a day when my socks got nicely cleaned by the creeks I was running through.