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E + Motion

E + Motion

This isn't some new theory of relativity, or an electrified version of movement I am hoping to adopt - *although I do think e-bikes are rad - rather, it is based on something my brother, Matt, (link to his new venture that I am very proud to watch him grow) said to me.  

I had written a blurb on Instgram that read: "Motion is lotion - whether a simple stroll, or a hard, all out, effort, for 5 minutes or over many days, alone, or, better even, shared with others, whatever is needed at the time - when all else feels in chaos, that mantra can offer a moment of respite ❤️".

My first serious coach, Randy Zabukovec, a wonderful coach who instilled a love of movement and performance in me, told that me that saying early on in my sporting career. It has stuck with me ever since. It has become a mantra, bordering on a life philosophy and it has largely served me well - although, as I mentioned in my last post, it has some shortcomings. However, by and large, it is a good way of dealing with many problems, be they physical, emotional or psychological. My brother, always the sage, added to that in a conversation we were having in which he said: "You know Adamo, emotion is THE lotion...it's impoprtant to stop and feel." His message stopped me cold. That simple vowel, the letter "e", added so much to the saying.

Anything I have ever experienced that has had a real lasting impression has been because of the emotional response it evokes. Other than perhaps for moving some blood around after an injury, it's not the motion itself that brings about a positive outcome, it's the emotions it evoques that are truly healing or therapeutic. It's not a run, ride, race or climb that I remember, it's the emotions I had while out there that have stood the test of time. The same can be said about a powerful piece of music, the taste of home cooked food, a memory, a view that catches your eye, love - they can all elicit a powerful response and they are all healing in their own way. It's in feeling those emotions that we get the deepest experiences, those moments from which we truly gain strength. The moments that last.

So thanks to my brother, after almost 25-years, I am evolving the mantra to - emotion is the lotion - it's a far richer, more balanced and widely applicable way to approach things. I love you hermano - I am so grateful to have you in my life!

Photo cred to John Price